Tour of my Website

You can take a video tour of my website at YouTube here or using the links below.

My approach to family history is to carry out research within the context of family, place and time. This will become apparent as you take a tour of my website.

I have provided some links below (click on blue text). You can either use your browser’s “Back” button to get back here, or Menu \ About \ Website Tour. You are welcome to browse at will, but please note the Completion Status that follows, which may explain why you sometimes get “This page can’t be displayed”.

Home page. You can follow any of the links from the home page.

A Tale. This is an example of my approach to Family History.

A Family Tree. Here is a typical Family Tree. From here, you can navigate to other pages (click on red page number), people (click on names) and places (click on place names in Place Key). Note, however, that not all pages are yet ready (see Completion Status below).

A Person: Choose either George Benjamin Gould or Mary Ann Quail. From their Details page, you can navigate to their parents or children by clicking on their names (blue text). You can see where they fit in the family tree by clicking on one of the Family Tree Pages listed on the right of the screen. This “Family” is one of three “contexts” that I include. The other two are Place and Time. Click on the tabs at the top of the box on the right of the screen to see these contexts.

The person's timeline, to the left of their Details table, gives an instant view of any long periods in their life for which I have found no events and therefore warrant further research. Each line between the Decades column and the Age column is an event. No timeline is possible if I have no approximate date of birth.

A Place. This is my webpage for Bristol, the city of my birth. See also Bath

A Timeline. This example is my Military Timline, giving the dates of wars and battles that may be relevant to your ancestors

A Research Technique. Over time, I plan to expand this section, but for now, have a look at my take on handling a particular research problem.

A Research Report. This is an example of my use of Attempted Proof Charts to document family history assumptions.

Research Resources. This is my list of useful record types.

Websites ... and this is my list of websites that I have found useful.

Genealogy Word Finder (GWF). This is a utlity that every genealogist and family historian will find useful. Struggling to decipher a word or phrase in a handwritten document or image? It it’s a name, place, occupation or even legal term, GWF can help. Just go to the appropriate page and enter the letters that you CAN read, plus * for those you can’t. GWF will list the possible matches that it has found.

About ... Finally, this page provides information about this website.

Completion Status

Tales: Only one tale has so far been written (“Wondering about my Wanderer”). Summaries are shown on the home page for future tales.

Trees: All pages have been published, with the exception of two, which are deliberately excluded for privacy reasons.

People: Although the direct lines back from George Benjamin Gould and Mary Ann Quail (see home page) have been included, many siblings and children have not yet been added.

Places: All places in Somerset and Leicestershire have been included, but pages for most other places have not yet been created.

Timelines: UK timelines have been included, although I expect to expand them in the future. Regional timelines have not yet been included.

Research: Few Research Reports are currently included, but more will be added over time. Similarly with Research Techniques.

Reference: Currently, this includes a list of the Family History Websites that I have compiled. More reference material will follow.

About: This describes my website and will be enhanced over time.