Subject: George Benjamin Gould (11) (1863 - 1950)
Father: John Gould (13) (b. Dec 1830, d. 20 Jun 1898)
Mother: Eve Dowling (14) (b. 10 Mar 1837, d. 29 Jun 1896)




Birth11 Dec 18639 Tower Street, St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol; Birth registered 20 Jan 1864. [1],[2]0
Baptism26 Jun 1864Temple Church, Bristol, Gloucestershire. [3]0
Census2 Apr 1871"Rising Sun", Hotwell Rd, Clifton, Bristol; shown aged 7. [4]7
Census3 Apr 188120 Queen Street, St. Peter, Bristol; shown aged 18, a potter and a lodger in the household. Recorded in a separate entry to his parents and brother, but still in the same house. [5]17
Residence24 May 18859 Old Bread St, Bristol. [6],[7]21
Marriage24 May 1885Mary Ann Quail (93) (b. 13 Feb 1865, d. 25 Dec 1939); Parish Church of St Philip & Jacob, Bristol. [6],[7],[8]21
Occupation24 May 1885potter with Price Powell Potteries. [9],[7],[10]21
Witness9 Sep 1885Will; Luke Dowling (110); Wells, Somerset; had his will proven. Thomas Uriah Ferris of Camely was the Executor. Personal estate valued at £224 18s 11d. The land that he had recently purchased, Stocking Land, was to provide an income, from rents and profits, for his mother, Mary Ann Dowling, until her death, then his sister, Eve Gould, until her death, then her son, George Benjamin Gould. [11]21
Son8 Mar 1886George John Gould (9); 32 Oxford Road, Bristol. [12]22
Witness28 Mar 1886Baptism; George John Gould (9); St Philip & Jacob church, Bristol. [12]22
Occupation28 Mar 1886labourer. [12]22
Son11 Dec 1887Henry Gould (145); Oxford Road, Bristol. [12]24
Witness1 Jan 1888Baptism; Henry Gould (145); St Philip & Jacob church, Bristol. [12]24
Occupation1 Jan 1888potter. [12]24
Witnessbefore __ Apr 1889Death; Henry Gould (145); Barton Regis records 6A 80. [13]25
Son28 Sep 1889Charles Gould (18); Oxford Road, Bristol. [14],[12]25
Witness20 Oct 1889Baptism; Charles Gould (18); St Philip & Jacob church, Bristol. [12]25
Occupation20 Oct 1889potter. [12]25
Occupation3 Jan 1891potter. [12]27
Census5 Apr 189152 Oxford Rd, St Philip & St Jacob - out, Bristol; shown as Pottery Labourer, aged 28. [15]27
Daughter13 Dec 1891Ada Gould (15); Kingsland Rd., Bristol, Gloucestershire. [14],[12]28
Witness3 Jan 1892Baptism; Ada Gould (15); St Philip & Jacob church, Bristol. [12]28
Daughter22 Aug 1893Mary Gould (20); Batch, Bristol. [14]29
Witness10 Sep 1893Baptism; Mary Gould (20); St Philip & Jacob church, Bristol. [12]29
Occupation10 Sep 1893potter. [12]29
Son17 Feb 1895William Gould (16); Oxford Road, Dings, Bristol. [16],[12]31
Witness10 Mar 1895Baptism; William Gould (16); St Philip & Jacob church, Bristol. [12]31
Residence29 Jun 189652 Oxford Street, St. Phillips, Bristol. [17]32
Witness29 Jun 1896Death; Eve Dowling (14); 34 Church St., Temple, Bristol, Gloucestershire; GRO ref 6a 8, cause of death cardiac disease. [17]32
Son28 Dec 1896James Gould (21); 62 Oxford Road, Dings, Bristol. [18],[14],[12],[12]33
Witness17 Jan 1897Baptism; James Gould (21); St Philip & Jacob church, Bristol. [12]33
Occupation17 Jan 1897labourer. [12]33
Witness__ Jun 1898Burial; John Gould (13); The burial was paid for by his son George. [19]34
Daughter24 Mar 1899Lily Gould (17); 52 Oxford Road, Dings, Bristol. [18],[14],[12],[12]35
Witness16 Apr 1899Baptism; Lily Gould (17); St Philip & Jacob church, Bristol. [12]35
Occupation16 Apr 1899labourer. [12]35
Census 190131 Mar 1901Cotswold Road, Bedminster East, Bristol, Bristol; shown as pottery labourer, aged 37. [14]37
Daughter28 Apr 1901Florence Gould (22); Bedminster, Bristol. [20],[12]37
Witness19 May 1901Baptism; Florence Gould (22); St Philip & Jacob church, Bristol. [12]37
Occupation19 May 1901labourer. [12]37
Residencebetween 1902 and 1950York Villa, 135 Cotswold Rd, Windmill Hill, Bristol. [21]
Daughter21 Dec 1903Lina Gould (19); Bedminster, Bristol. [12]40
Witness10 Jan 1904Baptism; Lina Gould (19); St Philip & Jacob church, Bristol. [12]40
Occupation10 Jan 1904labourer. [12]40
Illness__ ___ ____smallpox sometime in his life, as did his father. [22]
Residence19 Dec 1908135 Cotswold Road, Bedminster, Bristol. [20],[23]45
Witness19 Dec 1908Marriage; Edith Blanche Bennett (10) and George John Gould (9); St Michael & All Angels Church, Windmill Hill, Bristol. [23]45
Occupation19 Dec 1908Labourer. [23]45
Misc__ ___ ____a good swimmer and won prizes for it. [24]
Census2 Apr 1911135 Cotswold Road, Bedminster, Bristol; shown as a stoneware potter, aged 48. [25]47
Misc__ ___ ____He owned several houses. [24],[13]
Misc__ ___ ____the owner of three houses in Paultow Road. Madge (Mabel) lived at no.15 and he owned the houses on either side. [26],[27],[24],[24],[13]
Misc__ ___ ____a bidder for the Engineers Arms on St. Johns Lane, Bristol, but was unsuccessful. This was a very large pub. Can't understand where his money came from. [26],[27]
Event-Misc__ ___ ____a bowls player in Victoria Park, Bedminster. His name might be recorded there, on boards on the wall, as might Uncle Charlie's and Uncle Jim's. [27]
Misc24 May 1935Mary Ann Quail (93) (b. 13 Feb 1865, d. 25 Dec 1939); 135 Cotswold Road, St. John's Lane, Bristol; They celebrated their Golden Wedding, which was reported in the local newspaper. [28]71
Misc29 May 1935reported in the Western Daily Press as a veteran player for Bristol South in a bowls match. [29]71
Will22 Aug 1936135 Cotswold Road, Bedminster, Bristol. [30]72
Witness25 Dec 1939Death; Mary Ann Quail (93); 135 Cotswold Road, Bedminster, Bristol. [16],[31]76
Misccirca __ ___ 1946in the Over 80's bowls team. [18]82
Death29 Jul 1950135 Cotswold Road, Bedminster, Bristol; GRO ref: 1950 Sept qtr. aged 86 Bristol 7b 62. [16],[32]86
Probate2 Oct 1950Bristol; granted to James Gould and George Henry Hurle. [32],[30]86
Misc2 Oct 1950Lina Gould (19) (b. 21 Dec 1903, d. circa Dec 1996); She was left a piano in his will. [30]86
Misc2 Oct 1950Mary Gould (20) (b. 22 Aug 1893, d. 1 Feb 1958); 135 Cotswold Road, Bedminster, Bristol; She was left the house in his will. [30]86


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