Subject: George Barton Bullock (33) (1900 - ____)[1],[2],[2]
Father: Thomas Walter G Bullock (1545) (b. 1874, d. circa Nov 1957)
Mother: Gertrude Rhoda A Barton (1546) (b. 1874, )




Birth5 Oct 1900Bristol. [2],[3]0
Baptism4 Jan 1901St Mary's on the Quay, Clifton, Bristol; with baptismal name given as Georgius Barton Bullock. Parents shown as Georgii Bullock and Gertrudis Barton. [3]0
Census 190131 Mar 19011 Highbury Villas, St. Michaels, Bristol; shown aged 6 months. [2]0
Census2 Apr 191146 Filton Ave., Horfield, Bristol; shown as scholar, aged 10. [4]10
Marriagecirca __ Feb 1923Lily Gould (17) (b. 24 Mar 1899, d. circa 1980); Bristol; GRO ref 6a 170.22
Occupation__ ___ ____believed to have worked at Wills. [5]
Marriage__ ___ 1925Lily Gould (17) (b. 24 Mar 1899, d. circa 1980); Bristol; This is a church marriage, or perhaps just a blessing, whereas the previous entry records only that a marriage was registered. This marriage record has Latin names, so may be from a Catholic church. [1]24
Misc__ ___ ____played in a Dance Band. [5]
Misc__ ___ ____Lily and he may have divorced. [5]
Residence__ ___ ____Lily Gould (17) (b. 24 Mar 1899, d. circa 1980); Brighton ?. [7]
Name-Nick__ ___ ____Billy [7]
Criminal5 Mar 1941Swindon, Wiltshire; it was reported in the Western Daily Press that he had been charged with stealing 200 cigarettes from his employer, W.D. & H.O. Wills at their Swindon factory. He pleaded guilty and was fined £2. [8]40
Death__ ___ ____died much earlier than his wife. [6]


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