Industrial UK UK Industrial Timeline

28 Nov 1660Royal Society Founded
5 Jul 1687Newton’s Principia Published
1757First canal in Britain is completed
1 Jan 1781Ironbridge Opened
1783Steam powered cotton mill invented by Sir Richard Arkwright
1788First convict ships are sent to Australia
26 Jul 1803The First Public Railway Opens
1804Richard Trevithick builds the first steam locomotive
25 Mar 1807World’s first passenger train service begins
25 Jul 1814Stephenson demonstrates his first Steam Engine
24 Aug 1833Factory Act
19 Jul 1843SS Great Britain launched by Brunel
23 Mar 1861First Trams operate in London
10 Jan 1863The London Underground opens
8 Dec 1864Opening of the Clifton Suspension Bridge
10 Mar 1876Alexander Graham Bell makes 1st telephone call
1877The first public electric lighting in London
28 Dec 1879Collapse of the Tay Railway Bridge
10 Mar 1883First electric trams begin running in London
1 Jan 1894Manchester Ship Canal Opens
12 Dec 1901Marconi sends 1st transatlantic wireless message
17 Dec 1903The Wright Brothers take Flight
6 Jun 1905Einstein Produces Theory of Relativity
25 Jul 1909Louis Bleriot flies the Channel
15 Jun 1919Alcock and Brown complete 1st non stop flight across the Atlantic
26 Jan 1926John Logie Baird gives first demonstration of television
12 Apr 1937Whittle tests the 1st Jet Engine
1991Sir Tim Berners Lee invents the World Wide Web