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1 Jan 1660Pepys’ First Diary Entry,
7 May 1663Theatre Royal Drury Lane Opens
14 Nov 1665London Gazette First Published
2 Sep 1666Great Fire of London begins
31 May 1669Last Entry in Pepys Diary
26 Nov 1703Great Storm Kills 10,000
23 Jun 1725Malt Tax Riots Begin
20 Jun 1726First Municipal Fire Brigade formed
9 Mar 1761The Hexham Riot
29 Apr 1770Captain Cook lands in Australia
9 Oct 1779First Luddite riots
7 Jun 1780Gordon Riots - Day of Death
15 Oct 1783First manned balloon flight
7 Jan 1785First aerial crossing of the channel in a balloon
16 Aug 1819Peterloo Massacre
4 Jul 1829First regular bus service
29 Sep 1829Metropolitan Police Force Established
19 Mar 1834Tolpuddle Martyrs Sentenced
25 Jan 1839Fox Talbot Shows First Photos
10 Jan 1840Postal service (penny post) begins in Britain
10 Feb 1840Queen Victoria marries Prince Albert
1 May 1851Great Exhibition opens
24 Nov 1859Darwin's 'On the Origin of Species' is published
1860The first public flushing toilet opens
1863London Underground opens
13 Oct 1884World adopts Greenwich Meantime
31 Aug 1888Jack the Ripper’s First Victim
1891Free education for every child
6 Jul 1895First Car Ride in Britain
22 Jun 1897Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee
10 Oct 1903Emmeline Pankhurst forms the Suffragette Movement
1 Jan 1909Old-Age Pensions First Paid
10 Apr 1912Titanic sets sail on maiden voyage
3 May 1926The Great General Strike Begins
4 Oct 1936The Battle of Cable Street
8 Jan 1940Food Rationing Begins
1994Channel Tunnel links Britain back to the European continent